"Recognized Content Expert Reveals Secret, Proven Success Strategies for Profiting
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You NEVER Knew Existed!"

Discover the SAME Strategies the TOP Marketing & Media Experts Are Scrambling
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From the Desk of Tony Laidig, The Public Domain Expert

To Internet Marketers, Business Professionals, Work-At-Home Moms, Bloggers,
Product Creators, Ebay Sellers and MORE...


"If You Sell Information Products
of ANY Type, You Have a HUGE Problem...


Yes...YOU NEED CONTENT...and a LOT of it!

You will ALWAYS need content for your:

Information Products


Blog Posts



Print Magazines

Radio & TV Shows (online & offline)

Social Media Sites

Membership Sites


Coaching Programs

And MUCH More!


Content comes in many forms...text, audio, video, etc....and can be produced in a variety of ways. You have a few options...you could:

Write content yourself (great if you write well or have the time)

Speak / Teach content (Has to be transcribed and edited)

Interview experts (You have to find them AND get them to agree)

Hire a Ghostwriter (Can be expensive and risky)

License content (Competing against the originator of the content)

Purchase PLR content (How many others bought the SAME content?)

Get content for free (Thanks to the public domain)

"FACT: The Public Domain is the BEST source
for free, proven content on the planet!"

Begin Creating Products Today with the Proven Content of the Public Domain

"Tony, you rocked the webinar w/great info as usual - totally appreciate u taking us "live" to unknown areas & answering all questions."

~Andrea Chin


"Last night's webinar was sensational... I have put some of your idea's into play."

~Adrianne Kee Kennedy


"Awesome class Tony. Thanks!"

~Tara Kachaturoff


The truth is that you NEED content for nearly anything you're doing online and you MUST know WHAT to do with the content once you've found it...whether it's for creating information products, blog posts, articles...I think you get the idea. If you get honest with yourself, choosing the Public Domain as your content source for your product creation needs makes a HUGE amount of sense, because:

Most public domain works include nearly timeless and entirely relevant information on nearly any topic.

The information is immediately usable, often with little or no re-writing.

There is an abundance of information. With over 85 million books, 200,000 magazine titles, millions of photographs and much more, you will never run out of content!

The content is available in diverse mediums. The Public Domain offers books, movies, audios, fine art, magazines, and much more.

You are not restricted to the existing format. Convert a book into an audiobook, a workbook, a home study course, a coaching program...the possibilities are endless.

The Public Domain is a lot like our Oral Traditions. Imaging this: We can access the vision, genius, innovation, creativity and inspiration of past teachers and visionaries PLUS have an opportunity and privilege to pass on and keep alive that past wisdom along with our OWN insights and innovations!

The challenge has been to know where to find all this great
content AND know what to DO with it once you've found it!

Introducing..."Public Domain Explained!"

Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful, Hybrid Products


~Dave Lakhani, Persuasion Expert, Best Selling Business Book Author, Marketer, CEO Bold Approach

In "Public Domain Explained," I reveal exactly how you can find and use Public Domain content and why it's SUCH a big deal. Using straight-forward, effective methods, I take you step-by-step to where you will find all the content you will ever need. I also show you exactly how to check and verify the copyright status of Public Domain works (I make it quick and easy). Perhaps the MOST exciting part of this comprehensive video training is where I reveal the Advanced Strategies I'm using in my own business right now to profit from Public Domain content. You will get a true, "behind-the-scenes" peek into what I'm doing with Public Domain content RIGHT NOW. There is no theory here, no using other people's examples, no inventing stupid niches for illustration purposes. I show you my actual products, my actual websites, my actual niches that I'm making actual MONEY from.

In Public Domain Explained, you will discover:

Why the Public Domain is the best source for PROVEN content.

How to easily determine if a work is in the Public Domain. I take you through the process step-by-step.

Types of works in the Public Domain. We’re not just talking books here!

The types of products you can create using Public Domain content that your customer will love.

The BEST ways to profit with Public Domain works. You have probably not considered some of these effective methods before now!

Best places to find Public Domain content online and offline. You can’t find what you don’t know to look for!

Real-world examples of Public Domain-based products. I share the actual niches and actual products I’m creating that are making money.

In this brand-new video training course, I ALSO pull back the curtain on 12 of the advanced strategies I'm using to turn Public Domain content into successful products for my business. The strategies I share are ones you seriously want to add to your arsenal of creativity. As a matter of fact, a few of these strategies have never shared by me before now (except with one or two high-level Internet Marketing buddies).

These 12 powerful advanced strategies include:

  • 5 video strategies for creating physical and digital products based on Public Domain content. It's likely you have never considered using these approaches before!
  • 2 clever uses of CMS sites (content management sites) to sell Public Domain-based products
  • Physical product strategies I'm using in several niches to silence my competition and make a lot of money in the process!
  • Strategies to re-purpose Public Domain content in some highly profitable ways. One of these strategies could set your business up for life! Just ONE added thousands to my bank account.

"OMG! This is mac daddy platinum X 10!"

~Mike S.


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the webinars. Yeah I listened to both so far and learned something in each one. I can't tell you how much your courses and teachings have helped me stay motivated and focused to achieve my goals on line. In fact your courses and trainings along with a very small hand full of other on line gurus are all that I follow consistently these days. It took a little time to weed through the garbage on line to get to the really good stuff but I managed to find people like yourself and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you again."

~Percy Miller


"Kick ass webinar yesterday. Tony, you have opened a whole new world for me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I AM IN LOVE WITH PUBLIC DOMAIN..."

~Johnny Hempen


Claim Your Copy of "Public Domain Explained!"

By now you might be wondering...WHY am I sharing this information with you? Why not just keep it to myself and continue to make a very nice income in secret? It's simple really...I'm excited that these methods work...and I'm not a selfish person. I WANT to see you succeed...

You deserve it!

I know that I would have LOVED to have someone share strategies like this with me without charging thousands...I've been where you are. Of course, you may already be successful in your own right and are just looking for some new ways to add streams of income...that's okay too. This will help!

Maybe you're also wondering: "If the information is THAT good, will I be able to afford it? Quality means higher cost, right?" Pricing the course at its TRUE value makes a lot of sense because of quality of content and the effectiveness of the strategies. Of course, doing so could make it cost prohibitive for some, and even though I was recently read the riot act on my pricing structure (one well-known marketer actually made fun of me and asked me what the **** was wrong with me), I just HAD to offer introductory pricing on "Public Domain Explained" to make sure you COULD take advantage of having access to the SAME instruction and strategies that most high-level marketers use day to day.

Claim your own copy of "Public Domain Explained" TODAY at the newly reduced price of just...

$197 $97

Now Just $47!

Invest in your copy of "Public Domain Explained" today!
It's time to be deliberate and take action!


(You will gain immediate access to the program and ALL the bonuses...even if it's 2am!)

"...I bought your book and although I could see the potential I did what I'm sure many people do, nothing! After running the same business since our financial demise and only doing it for the money I decided to do something with public domain. I also realized that I was never going to get my retirement fund back so I had to do something to keep the funds rolling in until the day I die basically.

In May this year I started selling book collections on ebay and although it doesn't make a fortune it does make $30,000 - $40,000 a year already! I love the ebay business and selling physical product so I have now started on a plan to get 10 different income streams over the next couple of years. I'm up to my third thus far and the income is growing.

Who do I mainly owe this to, you! If I hadn't bought your books (I bought your latest one a few weeks back) and started selling the CD's I doubt I would have ever have gotten off my backside and done anything about ebay. So Tony, take a bow! I very much doubt you realize just how much you have helped some people.

Kindest regards,



To sweeten the deal for your investment, you will also receive the following KILLER Bonuses to further enhance your success with the Public Domain:



In addition to gaining access to the "Public Domain Explained" online video training (nearly 2 hours), You will also have access to the training in downloadable versions as well, so you have access to the strategies regardless of where you are, including:

MP4 Video for your iPod

Companion e-book

Audio MP3

$197 value

Bonus #2

Public Domain Explained Webinar 4-Part Series

In this 4-part Public Domain How-to webinar series, I explode the strategies shared in Public Domain Explained in even greater detail and in true, step-by-step, follow-along form. In these strategy-packed videos, you will discover:

Webinar #1 – Finding Content: Step-by-step methods for finding the best Public Domain content online and offline, and how to convert it into usable form. You will learn my methodologies for locating the best content as quickly as possible and then how to prepare it for product creation.

Webinar #2 –Digital Product Creation Strategies: Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder explanations for creating different types of digital products using Public Domain content. In this webinar, I will be sharing the best types of digital products you can create from Public Domain content, step-by-step, as featured in Public Domain Explained.

Webinar #3 –Physical Product Creation Strategies: Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder explanations for creating different types of physical products using Public Domain content. In this webinar, I will be sharing in-depth, step-by-step methods for creating the best types of physical products that sell great, as featured in Public Domain Explained.

Webinar #4 – Video Product Creation Strategies: Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder explanations for creating different types of video-based products using Public Domain content. In this webinar, I will be sharing the best Public Domain Explained video creation strategies, step-by-step.

(Includes the option to view videos online, download videos & download MP3's)

Value: $297

Bonus #3

Public Domain Power Grid

Plug into the limitless product creation power of the Public Domain, right now!The Public Domain Power Grid offers you the strategies and know-how you need to tap into the ongoing, power pumping success of prudct creation using Public Domain works. In Public Domain Power Grid, you will:

  • Learn the simple 4-step process for hitting a successful product grand-slam every time...
  • Discover the top three places to look online to uncover the best niche markets and the most popular trends...
  • Gain access to over 40 different product creation strategies using Public Domain works...
  • Benefit from my step-by step "lead you by the hand" case study for turning Public Domain content into valuable, ready-to sell products...
  • Understand the power of nostalgia and how it will help you create products that sell like crazy!
  • Take advantage of the best websites for on-demand product creation
  • And MUCH More!

Value: $97

Bonus #4

Public Domain Product Creation Outline

You'll receive the EXACT document I prepared to teach the Step-by-Step Product Creation for the Teleseminars! Simply follow the steps to get your OWN Public Domain-based information product online and selling!

Value: $27


Bonus #5

Public Domain Copyright Research
Step-by-Step Worksheet

This Worksheet walks you through the process of verifying the copyright status of a book, magazine, newspaper or other written work in an easy-to-follow manner. This Guide is worth it's weight in GOLD!

Value: $27

Bonus #6

Unannounced Early-Bird BONUS Traffic Video!

I just added a brand-new video as a bonus that will show you how to use Public Domain content as part of your TRAFFIC strategy to take your business to the next-level. That's all I'm going to reveal here because I don't want to give away the secrets.

(Includes the option to view videos online, download videos & download MP3's)

Value: $197

$1,039 in TOTAL BONUSES!


Hi Tony,

As a UK Ebay seller, I source all my PD material from US websites as thats where all the good stuff is. I basically sell audio products and old PD films. Even though I am barely scratching the surface it still brings me in approx $1000 per week of which $700 is profit. the start up costs can be very low. The great thing about PD is that if I want more income I just go and create more products and it costs me nothing except a little of my time. If it doesnt sell , again I lose nothing! The biggest thing holding people back is that they either are too scared of failure (or success), or they aren't up against the wall. I lost my job and I had to make this work...I have a mortgage and 4 kids.....now I wouldnt do anything else. Thanks for your guidance, it has been inspirational!


YES, I Want the Public Domain
Explained Video Training
Package NOW!

I understand I'll gain instant access to the Public Domain Explained Video Training, along with the downloadable versions of the video, the MP3, the e-book and ALL the bonuses (including the webinar series) for just...

$197 $97 Now $47!

(I reserve the right to end this introductory offer
at anytime without warning.)


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